Get To Know The characters

Name: Veer Trivedi
Species: Human
Skills: Beating up monsters with a baseball bat, a hit-or-miss sense of humour and speed, which depends on the size of the monster she’s running from.
Favourite Colours: Pink & Blue
Fears: The list keeps growing. Check back after a few more adventures.
Loves: Anime, music and making fun of Mellow’s hat.
Hates: Bullies, vegetables and almost dying. 

Veer’s Spotify Playlist

Name: Mellow
Species: Unicorn
Skills: Super speed, teleportation and shooting a couple of rainbows from his horn. Since these “powers” come with a cooldowns ranging from a few hours to several days, it’s not as helpful as it sounds.
Favourite Colours: Rainbow
Fears: None. Although, some claim to have seen him screaming and running from a butterfly.
Loves: Hats, books and naps.
Hates: Socialising, merfolk and getting saltwater in his mane.

Mellow’s Spotify Playlist

Name: Leo
Species: Squirrel 
Skills: Agility, deduction, fitting into small spaces and using his probationary detective badge to get into or out of situations.
Favourite Colours: Black
Fears: Not being good enough, not being able to protect everyone and cats.
Loves: Puzzles, dancing and dramatic entrances.
Hates: Being left alone, Shadow Gleam and Mellow’s ill-timed naps.

Leo’s Spotify Playlist:

Map of the DreamRealm